Between 2008 and 2010, the Carnegie UK Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation undertook a programme of work to explore the link between analysing power and achieving social change.  The key focus was to understand and demonstrate how those with least power in society could actively engage and exercise power in decision making processes. 

The Carnegie UK Trust developed an action orientated programme to support organisations and their communities to achieve social change.  Through this work we found that a practical understanding of power can be useful in helping geoups and organistaions to understand their own power and how it relates to the outside world.

The findings of this programme have been summarised in the report- Power and Making Change Happen.

A series of short films were also commissioned from The People Speak.  These films document how the Trust worked with five partner organisations in 2009/2010 to develop and test different approches to power analysis. The individual case studies can be viewed by clicking the pages on the left.