This RARP theme was designed to address the particular experience of the most disadvantaged rural areas that are remote from major urban centres, experiencing the out-migration of young people and the decline of primary industry. Three community-led interventions were supported to address these issues. They were the Celtic Neighbours Project led by Voluntary Arts Wales; The Hill Farming Communities project led by Viv Lewis and Geoff Brown and the project 'New Ground' led by the Eden Foundation.

The common element of the projects was the adoption of innovative approaches to the challenges of each context. Within these the significant features were: the use of cultural events, arts and music as vehicles to promote community identity and regeneration and the recognition of the potential of community assets including landscape, cultural heritage/skills, land and buildings. These features were used by our partners to explore new economic opportunities for young people, particularly through the development of social enterprises.

Lead Consultant, Frank Rennie wrote a short briefing which takes a closer look into this aspect of hosting meetings and creating convivial spaces. The partners' full reports can be ordered from Carnegie Uk Trust.