Changing Lives

This page introduces our practice and development work.

Our practice projects are organised under three themes.  Follow the links to read more about our current projects.

1.  People and Place

2.  Knowledge and Culture

3.  Enterprise and Society

Introduction to our practice work

As a modern operating trust with a century-old mandate to improve public wellbeing, we are required not just to influence ideas and policy, but also to show leadership in testing and delivering real-life solutions that improve wellbeing in communities across the UK and Ireland. So, while we may say that something has to be done, we will also try to find practical ways for that something to be done.

Our practice work takes forward the thought leadership generated by policy and research and designs practical pilot projects, often undertaken in partnership with other organisations working in the same areas.

The process is one of continued feedback between policy development and practical work: policy work feeding into practical projects, and the outcomes of practice affecting our thinking and our public advocacy.

We’re a small but diverse team. This website provides information on some of the project work that we are undertaking in 2014. If you would like to know more, or discuss an area of shared interest or potential partnership, please do get in touch with Jim Metcalfe, Head of Practice.  You can find his contact details here.

To read more about the Carnegie UK Trust Practice Team, please see our Wellbeing in Practice leaflet available here.

This page introduces our practice work.  To read about our policy work click here.