Neighbourhood News

Neighbourhood News is our £50,000 competition to improve local news reporting. The competition was open to local commercial media and civil society organisations across the UK and Ireland who could apply to become a ‘Carnegie Partner’ and develop innovative ways of producing local news.

The Trust has a long-standing interest in the relationship between the media, civil society and democracy. Through our recent work on Better Journalism, the Trust has identified the need to explore how to support more accessible, pluralistic and diverse local news for citizens and communities.  

As part of Neighbourhood News, the Trust made £10,000 available to five Carnegie Partner organisations over the course of a year. This funding enabled each Partner to deliver a local news project in a clearly defined geographic area. An introduction to the project and a competition overview can be found in the Neighbourhood News Leaflet.

Our Carnegie Partners
The external Advisory Group met to select the five Carnegie Partners.

The Group reached a consensus that that the Trust should support Brixton Media Ltd, Cybermoor Ltd, Local News South Wales Ltd, WHALE Arts and, based on the Trust's primary and balancing selection criteria.  

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Evaluation Reports
Click here for the final Neighbourhood News Evaluation Report for the Carnegie UK Trust by Talk About Local. Our policy summary draws on key findings from Neighbourhood News and sets out a new agenda for the future of local news in the UK. The policy summary provides 11 recommendations for how government, regulators, funders and other local news providers can support community-led local news.
The interim evaluation report can be found here. Our interim policy summary showcases the highlights and challenges experienced by the five Carnegie Partners during the start-up phase of their projects. The summary also raises a number of questions for discussion on the role of large foundations, charities and grant makers in supporting local news providers, government interventions in the local news market, and the best strategy for supporting start-up local news projects.





For more information please contact Lauren Pennycook, Policy Officer at the Carnegie UK Trust and project secretariat.

View our Neighbourhood News infographic here.

We believe that media organisations, civil society and citizens all have a role to play in delivering the better news media that we need. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this project with local news providers, community groups, and those interested in improving the quality and diversity of local news.