Understanding Towns

Carnegie UK has been headquartered in the town of Dunfermline since its foundation in 1913.

It is one of the largest operating trusts in the UK to be town-based. As such, it has a long term commitment to supporting the resilience and wellbeing of town communities across the UK and Ireland.

In 2013-15, the Trust has been undertaking both policy and practice work to develop understanding of the challenges facing towns as the high street economy, public sector capacity and consumer habits all undergo drastic change.

This process began in summer 2012 with roundtable discussions on towns planning and regeneration at Andrew Carnegie House. In 2014, working with SRUC, the Trust considered the importance of remote 'lifeline' town communities in Scotland, vital hub providers of services and products. 

The TestTown young enterprise programme for towns is drawn from this stream of Trust work, combined with our research on enterprise and business innovation among future workers. With this project, the Trust is showing an applied and practical lead in reconnecting young entrepreneurial flare with the opportunities of town centre business.

The Trust has been involved, as an external expert, in the discussions of the Scottish Government's Town Centres Review, and will continue to support the review as it develops and its outcomes are put into action by the Scottish Government's Action Plan.

In June 2014, the Trust announced its involvement in the Understanding Scottish Places (USP) consortium which is creating a new toolkit for towns practitioners.  This project continues and you can click here to read more. 

For more information on Understanding Towns, please contact Jim Metcalfe at Carnegie UK.

Our live projects connected with understanding towns are:

TestTown (click here for more info)

Understanding Scottish Places (click here for more info)

To download a note on Carnegie UK's six ideas to help build prospering Scottish towns, submitted to the Scottish Government's Town Centres Review, click here.

In October 2012, Scottish Business Insider magazine published a Carnegie UK comment piece on town centre rejuvenation - follow the link here to read the article now.