Carnegie Challenge 2014

The Carnegie Challenge is a fund to enable partners to put on a high calibre debate. These debates should attract leading public policy thinkers and commentators to discuss wellbeing.  While we don’t follow strict debating rules, successful applications provide panelists with different perspectives on the debate and include plenty of time for audience participation. 

Our 2014 Carnegie Challenge programme is focused on ‘wellbeing’.  The Trust was set up to improve the wellbeing of the people and has been involved in international work on understanding wellbeing and using it to drive public policy.  Further information on our work on wellbeing can be found here.

The Carnegie Challenge is a flat-rate award of £3,000. The award should enable event organisers to attract leading professionals to speak at their event and/or to chair the debate. It should be used primarily to cover the expenses of panel members and is not meant to cover the whole costs of putting on conferences and events. It is hoped that this fund will allow organisers to attract national and international speakers to take part in a high calibre debate.

Partners should be not-for-profit organisations, with a commitment to improving the wellbeing of people in the UK and Ireland in a way which fits with the strategic direction of the Trust.

•  The criteria for the Carnegie Challenge can be found in the PDF attachment here.

•  An Application Form in Word format can be found here. Please contact Lucy (see details on the right of this page) if you have problems accessing this form.

•  For details on events we supported 2011-2013, and those planned for 2014, please see the left hand menu above.

Awards will be issued after each of the following deadlines:

13 January 2014
24 March 2014
14 July 2014


For more information on Carnegie Challenge funding contact Lucy Smith on 01383 721445 or