Speaking Volumes

Public libraries have a vital role to play in delivering on social, economic, cultural and education policy goals, all of which contribute to individual and community wellbeing.

Our 2014 Speaking Volumes resource consists of a leaflet-poster and four databases of evidence that together demonstrate how libraries contribute to these four policy goals. They show the continuing relevance of public libraries, and their potential to contribute to many of the policy goals which governments are seeking to achieve.

This year we are updating the information in our databases and are asking for your help to do so! So if you work in a library, please tell us about the activities that your library or library service runs by filling out the form below.


In your description of your activity/project, please share the following information

  • Project name
  • Scope (eg. service-wide or individual library/libraries)
  • Name(s) of library/libraries where the project is run (if service wide, please give the name of the service)
  • Aims
  • Target audience (eg. open to all or for teens)
  • Partners
  • Timeframe (eg. ongoing or if it is a time limited project let us know when will it end)
  • Description of activities

If you are describing multiple activities, use up to 100 words to describe each activity.


In the meantime you can access our existing databases and leaflet-poster by clicking on the icons on the right hand side. If you would like hard copies of the leaflet-poster please email info@carnegieuk.org

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