Speaking Volumes

The Carnegie UK Trust publication Speaking Volumes: the impact of public libraries on wellbeing shows the wide range of ways in which public libraries can affect the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Speaking Volumes demonstrates in a clear graphical way how libraries are relevant to four main policy areas: social, economic, cultural and education policy – all of which have an impact on wellbeing.

The leaflet is based on hundreds of examples of practice throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as published evidence of impact. Databases of some of these examples show how public libraries support learning, promote economic wellbeing, act as cultural centres and contribute to the creation of strong and healthy communities.

Taken together the leaflet, poster and database of evidence constitute a powerful advocacy resource to demonstrate the continuing relevance of public libraries, and their potential to contribute to many of the policy goals which governments are seeking to achieve.

Please click on the icons to the right if you would like to download the leaflet of database of examples.

If you would like to print a leaflet or poster, please do take a look at our instructions on printing and folding the leaflet! Following from this, please note that only page one of 'Speaking Volumes leaflet/poster (to print)' is intended to work as a poster. Part of page 2 is published upside down in order for the publication to fold up into a leaflet.

If you would like to order hardcopies of the leaflet that folds into a poster, please email info@carnegieuk.org.

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