Chance to Thrive

The Chance to Thrive is a Church of Scotland initiative to improve the wellbeing of eight communities in the poorest areas of Scotland. The programme recognises that to be successful regeneration programmes must be about more than the improvement of the physical environment. 

The Chance to Thrive programme will therefore develop:

  • first the ‘life’- by supporting community members to develop skills and confidence;
  • then the ‘space’ - by supporting communities to develop public spaces that they feel that they belong to; 
  • and finally, the ‘buildings’ - by supporting communities to develop church buildings as community resources.

The programme commenced in 2011 after successful bids from the eight communities of Cranhill, Maryhill, Raploch, Lochee, Larkhall Chalmers, Tron St Marys, Castlemilk and Drumchapel and will run over a period of 5 years.

The Carnegie UK Trust is funding a 3 year evaluation of this pilot project.  The research will provide evidence on how ‘assets-based’ approaches like Chance to Thrive can improve wellbeing and will identify the most effective ways of putting  such approaches  into practice. You can read the first year evaluation report by clicking here.

The Chance to Thrive programme is a good example of the kind of approach that we might expect to see in an Enabling State. Activities are led by local communities and build on existing skills and strengths within the community. Support is provided by the Church of Scotland and volunteers from a range of backgrounds.

Each year a celebration event will be held allowing the participants and the research team to reflect on progress to date.  A final evaluation report will be available in 2015.

For more information please get in touch with Jenny Brotchie, Policy Officer at

For more information please contact Jenny Brotchie, Policy Officer