The Brief

The Trust is working with four innovative projects that are addressing and testing solutions to digital inclusion challenges facing vulnerable young people aged 12-25.

We’re looking for others to support this challenging work. If you can offer help by donating digital technology, or through technical support, mentoring, sharing research or helping to cast a spotlight on this important topic then please get in touch.


Not all young people are ‘digital natives’ . Online skills are not inherent; learning requires access, experience, autonomy, motivation and support. Those who are vulnerable, particularly those at points of transition in their lives (unemployed, homeless, in care, in secure accommodation or seeking asylum) are most at risk of falling outwith the digital mainstream. Insights from ‘On the Periphery?‘  support the strategy of targeting support towards ‘low and discontinued users of the internet’.

Young people who wish to use the internet, should have the right to access support to do so meaningfully. Young people who lack Basic Digital Skills are prevented from accessing opportunities (or entitlements) in employment, education, health care, housing, benefits, and cultural and social experiences. Their prospects in an increasingly digital world may be limited.

The focus of #NotWithoutMe will be on developing the digital skills of individual young people, and building capacity in the organisations that support them.  We aim to increase and improve digital inclusion for those who may be vulnerable, lacking in digital skills and unable to fully access the opportunities available to them.

We will share learning from the projects in order to influence practice in this important area. Our projects are using the Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework to evaluate their impact.

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