Future Jobs in Ireland – Reflections

November 20, 2019

By Douglas White, Head of Advocacy, Carnegie UK Trust

I had the opportunity to be in Dublin earlier this month for the Irish Government’s ‘Future of Jobs’ summit. One year on from the first such summit and an important milestone as the Government p...

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From Stick to Carrot

November 14, 2019

by Alan Thornburrow, Director, Business in the Community

To coincide with the 10 year anniversary of the publication of the Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, the Carnegie UK Trust is publishing a serie...

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Connecting communities, kindness and citizen participation

November 13, 2019

by Sarah Davidson, Chief Executive

There is appetite for change across the UK and Ireland. Citizens want to feel more connected to the places they are in and the people around them, and to have a greater sense of control over the decis...

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International Co-operation on Platform Governance

November 7, 2019

by Professor Lorna Woods (University of Essex, Professor of Internet Law)

Lorna Woods, Professor of Internet Law at the University of Essex and co-author of the Carnegie UK Trust’s proposals for Harm Reduction on Social Media will today give evidence at the Internati...

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Contracting for kindness: where do values fit into procurement and commissioning practices?

November 6, 2019

by Ben Thurman, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

Procurement, commissioning and… kindness. Three words that, at first, don’t appear to fit together. The ‘soft’, relational value of kindness, seemingly incongruous with the rational, hard-edge...

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Way beyond Workington Man

November 4, 2019

By Lauren Pennycook, Senior Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

In the 1990s, it was Essex Man. In 2003, it was Worcester Woman. And now, over decade later, it’s Workington Man – a short-hand soundbite which sums up a key voter demographic. The message is clea...

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Supporting Libraries, Supporting our Future: towards a blueprint for a collaborative support infrastructure in England

October 31, 2019

By Jenny Peachey, Senior Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust


At the end of September 2019, Libraries Connected, CILIP and Carnegie UK Trust published a report scoping the structural support that can be brought into the wider national operating environment for...

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Today for Tomorrow: Supporting the Future Generations Bill

October 30, 2019

by Hannah Ormston, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

Last week, Lord John Bird introduced a new Future Generations Bill in the House of Lords. The Bill strives to ensure that public bodies act responsibly and in a way that observes the Future Generati...

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Treorchy and Scarborough are Talk of the Town

October 28, 2019

by Hannah Ormston, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

People embody the local story of the place they live. They help to form an ongoing narrative of the future and are pivotal in shaping external perspectives of a place. These stories have the capacity ...

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Can good work help unscramble the productivity puzzle?

October 24, 2019

by Gail Irvine, Senior Policy and Development Officer

Our partnership project with the RSA has been considering how ‘good work’ contributes to solving the UK productivity puzzle. That is, the riddle of why the UK today underperforms internationally...

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