Local wellbeing in Northern Ireland

January 4, 2018

Earlier this year, I and my colleagues in Stratagem were asked by the Carnegie UK Trust to review the wellbeing landscape in Northern Ireland; just over two years after the Carnegie Roundtable on M...

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Fulfilling Work in the Charity Retail Sector

December 19, 2017

by Anna Grant, Carnegie UK Trust

With Christmas just around the corner, we may think about the importance of charity retail to the shopper in terms of finding a perfect bargain gift, serving as an invaluable funding source for their ...

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Implications of Brexit for Fulfilling Work

December 13, 2017

By Alan McGregor, Research Professor of Economic Development, University of Glasgow’s Training and Employment Research Unit (TERU)

The Carnegie UK Trust asked me to assess the consequences of Brexit for fulfilling work in the UK. The task was to provide guidance on how to mitigate threats to and exploit opportunities for fulfilli...

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A life-first approach: What citizens want from support services

December 7, 2017

By Rebekah Menzies, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

On Monday 27 November, the Carnegie UK Trust held an event to launch the report ‘What Do Citizens Want: How professional help and support fits into day to day lives,’ in partnership with Th...

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Small Towns, Big Future?

December 6, 2017

by Dr Victoria Winckler, Director, Bevan Foundation


Towns are the unacknowledged lifeblood of Wales.  About four out of ten people in Wales lives in a small town, classed as one with between 2,000 and 25,000 people, and a further two in ten live in la...

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Time for Welsh towns

December 5, 2017

By Gina Wilson, Carnegie UK Trust

Our sense of a place affects how we view it. Does it seem vibrant or tired? Has it got a reputation? Places we haven’t visited for years (if ever) can cast a long shadow. If we live there, that s...

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What does the Well-being of Future Generations Act mean for Welsh towns?

December 5, 2017

By Rebekah Menzies, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 provides exciting opportunities, as well as significant challenges, for Wales. A world-leading approach to sustainable development, the Act places...

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On the outskirts: towns in public policy

November 21, 2017

Lauren Pennycook

Policy and Development Officer

'The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow' , according to Bill Gates. But while it is true that digital spaces can contribute to informal support systems in our onl...

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Work that is good for our health

November 14, 2017

by Gail Irvine, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust

On 7 November, the Carnegie UK Trust joined the Society of Occupational Medicine and the College of Medicine at a House of Lords luncheon on ‘Good Work,’ hosted by Lord David Blunkett of Brightsi...

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Governing England: Devolution and identity in England

October 30, 2017

Since the Scottish independence referendum of 2014, greater attention has been paid to democratic institutions in England, to English identity and to the position of England within the union. In the t...

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