The Trust calls for a greater focus on towns in Wales at Parliamentary event

April 20, 2018

Towns are a neglected area of public policy. While cities and rural areas often have powerful interest groups working on their behalf, towns are often missed out of policy. The Trust c...

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Credit union partnership will improve the financial resilience of Scotland’s workforce

April 11, 2018

Five innovative Scottish credit unions are working together in a new partnership with the Carnegie UK Trust to help workers in Scotland benefit from credit union membership via their employer. 1 s...

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Carnegie UK Trust supports wellbeing at a local level in Northern Ireland

April 9, 2018

Today sees the launch of the Carnegie UK Trust’s largest single investment within its current Strategic Plan to improve wellbeing anywhere across the UK, as it seeks expressions of interest from Com...

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Scottish Government publishes draft National Outcomes

April 5, 2018

The Scottish Government has released its draft National Outcomes this week.  The 11 Outcomes are the result of indepth consultation and engagement with the public over a number of years, including w...

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Scottish Government backs Trust’s Affordable Credit Loan Fund

March 29, 2018

The Scottish Government has added £1 million to the Affordable Credit Loan Fund recently established by the Carnegie UK Trust. The fund was launched by the Trust in January this year to provide new...

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Research reveals policy practitioners place a high value on evidence

March 28, 2018

Today the Trust has published a report and infographics series which updates our research finding from recent activities and research within our Evidence into Policy and Practice work. The repo...

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Michael Sheen launches new affordable credit campaign

March 20, 2018

Actor and social activist Michael Sheen has today launched the ‘End High Cost Credit Alliance’, a new partnership to support action to tackle the problem of access to affordable credit. It is w...

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#NotWithoutMe Digital Inclusion Accelerator Open for Applications

March 8, 2018

The Trust is delighted to announce the launch of next phase of our #NotWithoutMe Programme.  This new phase includes an exciting funding and development opportunity, which opens today. APPLY ONLIN...

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February 7, 2018

The Carnegie UK Trust is calling for people to share what can be done to encourage kindness within our changing society by participating in the Kindness Innovation Network (KIN). The Scotland-wide net...

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New Carnegie UK Loan fund will support affordable lending to financially excluded households

January 23, 2018

A new £1 million fund has been launched today to help tackle the poverty premium for low income borrowers in Scotland.   Loans from high cost credit companies, including pay day loan firms...

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