Carnegie UK Trust announces successful Talk of the Town project participants

October 28, 2019

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The Carnegie UK Trust has announced the two towns it will be supporting to plan, articulate and present the story of their place, in a bid to bring communities together and strengthen their future vision for the towns. Representatives of towns Scarborough and Treorchy will receive training from storytelling experts to tell their story at an event attended by policymakers, practitioners, and politicians interested in supporting flourishing towns.

The Trust’s international research on case studies of towns that had transformed their fortunes found that a clear narrative was an important part of their success. All of the towns featured in the research had a sense of purpose and understanding of their history, which translated into a clear story about the town that local residents bought into, and was visible to external visitors. The stories developed into what the towns are ‘known for’, and into how they sell themselves to visitors.

Through its Talk of the Town project, the Trust provided the opportunity for towns in England and Wales to receive support on storytelling in a bid to enhance their development and improve the wellbeing of residents.

Sarah Davidson, Chief Executive of the Carnegie UK Trust, said:

‘I’m delighted that the Trust will be working with Scarborough and Treorchy on our Talk of the Town project. By supporting two very different towns in England and Wales, I hope that we can maximise the learning from their experiences of developing their stories so that many more towns across the UK can benefit from this pilot project.

‘Storytelling is becoming an increasingly important tool in public policy. Facts and figures are important but we can only really get to know our places by understanding how they define, explain and present themselves to the world. We look forward to supporting towns to look forward, not just back, and develop what they have to offer residents and visitors, and bring this to the surface – and into the spotlight’.

Mel Bonney-Kane, Chief Executive of Coast and Vale Community Action in Scarborough, added:

‘We are thrilled to be part of Talk of the Town. Scarborough is full of people who want to make a positive difference to the place they live in and we help them to do just that.  Linking up with the Carnegie UK Trust is a big boost to our work to support communities to thrive’.

Representing Treorchy, Adrian Emmett, Chairman of the Chamber of Trade, said:

‘Treorchy is a thriving town and our high street is really bucking the trend. There is a real sense of pride and community spirit in Treorchy, it’s the people that make the place. We have a rich history and heritage in our area and the ‘talk of the town’ project can really help us to tell our story. To be one of only two towns selected across England and Wales is a great achievement and a great honour’.


For more information on the project please click here or contact Lauren Pennycook, Senior Policy and Development Officer, on [email protected].

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