Martyn Evans to leave Carnegie UK Trust after 10 years

January 14, 2019

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Martyn Evans, the Chief Executive of the Carnegie UK Trust, is stepping down from his role after 10 years at the helm.

Martyn has accepted an invitation to become the Executive Chair of the Alex Ferry Foundation, a new grant making philanthropic charity which aims to improve the lives of people who work or have worked in the UK shipbuilding, engineering and related manufacturing industries, as well as their families and dependants.

He will continue to serve as a Board member at the Scottish Police Authority, the Board of the Institute for Social Renewal at Newcastle University and on the Board of IPPR Scotland.

Over the last decade, Martyn has led the Carnegie UK Trust to fulfil its mission from Andrew Carnegie to “improve the wellbeing of people across all the jurisdictions of the UK and Ireland” through influential policy and innovative practice work. Under his management the Carnegie UK Trust has developed into a highly respected influential voice and practitioner across a range of major public policy issues. He has ensured the Trust developed a strong and effective ‘five-nations’ outlook, working across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Martyn Evans, said: “It has been a huge privilege to lead the Carnegie UK Trust over the past decade. In that time, I have sought to apply the levers that an independent foundation can bring – time, thought and financial investment to help tackle a range of important issues that affect people’s wellbeing. I am grateful to all our staff, trustees and partners for their support and engagement in this work and I am very proud of all that we have achieved together.

“I am very much looking forward to joining the Alex Ferry Foundation. This is a unique organisation and never before has such a significant charitable sum been directed for the benefit of lay members of trade unions and their communities. It is a great honour to be invited lead the organisation as it begins its philanthropic journey.”

Julia Unwin, Chair of Civil Society Futures (an independent inquiry about how civil society can flourish in a fast changing world) and former Chief Executive Office of Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said: “Martyn’s leadership of the Carnegie UK trust has been nothing short of inspirational. He has made sure that the impact of the Trust, across all parts of the UK and Ireland has been felt in responding to some of the most difficult, most over-looked and most important issues. In committing the Trust’s resources, but perhaps most vitally its considerable convening power, to some unrecognised challenges, he has led the Trust to become one of the most influential philanthropic organisations in the UK today.”

Sir John Elvidge, Chair of Carnegie UK Trust, said: “Martyn has been an outstanding leader of the Carnegie UK Trust for the past ten years. He has overseen a transformation in the Trust’s policy, advocacy and development work and has brought the Trust’s standing, partnerships and track record of influential work to a position of which he and the whole organisation can be proud. He leaves the Trust with an immensely strong platform to build on to achieve even more.”

Ian Waddell, General Secretary of CSEU said: “I am delighted that Martyn is joining us as we launch the Alex Ferry Foundation. His experience in leading the Carnegie UK Trust will prove invaluable to us as we set out on our journey to use the legacy of donations made by hundreds of thousands of working people during the shorter working week campaign. We will work hard to use that money to improve lives across the UK’s shipbuilding, engineering and related industries. Martyn’s leadership, advice and guidance will be a vital part of our new charity delivering its aims.”

Martyn will be in post until March this year and a recruitment process for his successor will commence in due course.