New digital services series launched to support organisations test their services online

October 8, 2020

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Today the Trust has launched a new blog and vlog series in partnership with Your Own Place, exploring how organisations have managed to continue providing vital services by shifting to online delivery when Covid-19 restrictions have meant traditional face-to-face work is restricted.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the Trust has been convening a group of primarily youth organisations, hearing directly from practitioners about their concerns and understanding their key priorities in the short term. A fundamental concern raised has been the capabilities of organisations to deliver effective services in an online context, when their experience and expertise has been predominantly through in-person support. A number of providers were concerned that they did not have, among other things, adequate organisational infrastructure or access to platforms to support their service users, significant anxiety about the future of their provision, the sustainability of managing an online service, who may miss out as a result of online-only and what cannot be replaced by digital.

We have collaborated with Your Own Place to explore some of these issues, through a series of case-study blogs sharing their own reflections, thoughts and practical insights on their journey of developing their service online during this crisis. As we collectively shift through different stages of the crisis, we want to support organisations to, where appropriate, develop their capability and confidence to explore providing services online or test out new digital techniques, to ultimately ensure that individuals receive the services they need to support their wellbeing throughout and beyond this pandemic.

This series will run over the next three months and explore topics including the impact of going digital on the team, leadership styles for transition in a crisis, how to balance online delivery with inclusion considerations, keeping people safe, how outcomes for users are affected in an online space and reflect on when and how face-to-face delivery will return.

A final report bringing together and building on these insights will be published later this year.

We encourage others organisations to get in touch with their own learning and experiences of the topic by contacting [email protected]