New Hyperlocal News Directory Launched By Carnegie UK Trust

October 14, 2015

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The Carnegie UK Trust has launched a new online directory of ‘hyperlocal’ news providers to help meet growing demand from internet users across the UK and Ireland seeking out sites dedicated to their local area.

The new directory comes as figures reveal that around one in four internet users have used a website or app dedicated to their local area*.

Aimed at increasing the visibility of independent, reputable hyperlocal news groups to citizens, policymakers, and mainstream media outlets, the Trust hopes that the directory makes it easier for people to get good quality, up to date, news about their local neighbourhood or community.

The directory was developed by hyperlocal experts Talk About Local who were commissioned by the Trust to develop Local Web List from its predecessor Openly Local.  The revised database now includes details of 550 hyperlocal news websites. Content can also be searched by jurisdiction, local authority area, and key word.

Douglas White, Head of Advocacy at the Carnegie UK Trust, said: “Our work supporting local news provision across the UK has found that small, nimble and largely volunteer-led hyperlocal news providers are making a significant contribution to the volume of independent local news produced in our communities. However, many hyperlocals have difficulties with visibility – some people simply do not know that they exist. This free, online directory will help hyperlocals improve their visibility to new audiences and open up new partnership opportunities to help them develop and grow.”

The directory will also make it easier for mainstream media outlets to engage with hyperlocals on their local knowledge and content.

To coincide with the launch of the hyperlocal directory, the Trust has published a new report profiling the activities of innovative hyperlocals across the UK to add to the evidence base about the types of activities that hyperlocals are undertaking and the impact they deliver for citizens. The case study report can be downloaded from the Carnegie UK Trust website here.

Local Web List can be accessed here.

*Ofcom, The Communications Market Report London: Ofcom 2015