Public Libraries Have Untapped Potential To Improve Wellbeing

February 2, 2016

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Public Libraries have untapped potential to improve wellbeing
The Carnegie UK Trust is once again calling on policy makers across the UK and Ireland to fully recognise the significant contribution that public libraries make towards a wide range of social policy goals.

The Trust has launched four new databases packed with examples of the many activities that libraries are delivering which demonstrate they can have in four key policy areas – social, economic, education and culture. The databases accompany the Trust’s highly successful 2014 advocacy leaflet, ‘Speaking Volumes’, which shows how libraries directly contribute towards to individual and community wellbeing.

Martyn Evans, Chief Executive, said: “These databases are a substantial resource for library advocates, policy makers and decision makers to provide practical, real world examples of the critical work which is done by public libraries across the UK and Ireland. They showcase the role public libraries have in contributing towards wider social policy goals and achieving improved wellbeing within communities. They reveal how libraries have an enduring value and role in a rapidly changing world.”

The Carnegie UK Trust has a long standing history of supporting the public library system.  Its founder, Andrew Carnegie, was best known for investing in public libraries and left a lasting legacy to extend equality of opportunity through learning.

The Trust continues to support public libraries and is currently running a three-year programme of work called Carnegie Library Lab to enhance innovation and leadership in public libraries.

The databases and Speaking Volumes leaflet are available to download here.


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