Rethinking Citizenship for 2016

October 22, 2014

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The People’s Conversation is led by The Wheel, the representative body for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland in partnership with the Carnegie UK Trust. The aim of this Ireland wide initiative is to get people talking about the roles, rights and responsibilities of citizens and State in Ireland. The conversation will engage people from all walks of life in debate and discussion about the respective roles, rights and responsibilities of citizens, State and communities. The conversations will form the basis of a new vision for citizenship in Ireland and a series of practical policy recommendations to government which will be drawn together by an expert reference group and published in 2015. The reference group is co-chaired by Carnegie UK Trust Trustee James Doorley and Dr Fergus O Ferrall.

The People’s Conversation builds on a Trust Enabling State roundtable held in Dublin in early 2013 at which the evolving relationship between the state and citizens and communities was discussed. The Trust is supporting the People’s Conversation as part of our ongoing work on the Enabling State. You can find out more about the People’s Conversation here and about our Enabling State work, including a summary of the roundtable discussions in the Republic of Ireland here.