Trust announces further work on the Place of Kindness

January 5, 2018

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The Carnegie UK Trust is delighted to announce that it will be continuing its work on the Place of Kindness for a further 15 months, led by Carnegie Associate Zoë Ferguson.

The Trust’s work on kindness over 2016 and 2017 has involved partnerships with seven organisations across Scotland to test what, if anything, could be done to encourage kinder communities. It found there are major factors that get in the way of kindness both in individuals and organisations, including our attitude to risk and regulation, and notions of professionalism and approaches to performance management crowding out everyday kindness and intuitive human interactions. It identifies that, along with creating places which provide opportunities for informal interactions, the simple fact of talking about kindness has a powerful effect on our behaviour.

The next phase of work will involve a partnership with North Ayrshire Council to undertake a further set of demonstration activities focused on kindness, to support the local authority’s work to tackle poverty as part of the Fair for All inequalities strategy.

Elma Murray, Chief Executive of North Ayrshire Council said: ‘We are delighted to be partnering with the Carnegie UK Trust on this important project. Kindness is a tool to challenge poverty, and is something that people can own and lead in their everyday lives.’

The Trust will also bring together a network of people with an interest in kindness to share ideas and learning, test new ideas, and collaborate around kindness. Participants at the Trust’s Place of Kindness event in Glasgow on 12 December began to put forward ideas to shape the network, which the Trust will take away to develop further in 2018.

Martyn Evans, Chief Executive of the Carnegie UK Trust, said: ‘We know kindness has an infectious nature. It speaks to people and is something everyone can understand. We also know kindness is disruptive. It poses significant challenges and opportunities for the way our services are run and delivered, and the way governments and organisations engage with people. We want to harness these qualities of kindness and spread it even further, encouraging people across Scotland to put it deliberately at the centre of their work and everyday lives.’

Keep up to date with the Trust’s work on kindness here, and engage on Twitter using #PlaceofKindness. If you would like to be involved in the network of kindness, please contact Rebekah Menzies, Policy and Development Officer ([email protected]).