Trust Launches New Guide For Youth Enterprise And Entrepreneurship

March 18, 2015

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The Carnegie UK Trust has today launched a new five-point guide to help improve the skills, aspirations and attitudes of the UK and Ireland’s future workforce through enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Drawing on case studies of good practice from across the UK and Ireland, the Trust calls on educators, governments, businesses and civil society organisations to work together to coordinate their approach to delivering enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning, and provide real-life experiences for young people.

Chief Executive of the Carnegie UK Trust, Martyn Evans, said: “As a Trust, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge about empowering young people and supporting access to education throughout our 100 year history. Andrew Carnegie was one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, but the value of teaching tomorrow’s workers about enterprise and providing opportunities for them to test out entrepreneurship is not about extreme wealth. It is about contributing towards positive outcomes for young people and preparing them for an unknown future economy.”

Through its policy and practice work, the Trust has identified five actions that educators, governments, businesses and civil society organisations can take to maximise the impact of young people’s enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning.  They are: learning from the success of others across the UK in delivering enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning; encouraging young people to meet with local entrepreneurs; providing opportunities to try out entrepreneurship; enabling young people to trade on the high street; and civil society organisations supporting entrepreneurship programmes.

Martyn Evans added: “The Trust’s research has found that the Welsh Government, the Education and Employers Taskforce, UStart, TestTown and Young Enterprise Northern Ireland are leaders across the UK and Ireland in at least one of these areas. The Trust has drawn on their good practice to encourage those active in the field of youth enterprise and entrepreneurship to learn from their success and improve the quality of enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning for young people across the UK and Ireland.”

Nick Chambers, Director of the Education and Employers Taskforce, added: “The work of the Carnegie UK Trust is clear: there is huge demand among young people to meet with local, successful business people. Schools and colleges understand the importance and over the last two years we have seen massive demand from teachers to bring volunteers into the classroom through the free national service Inspiring the Future. Demand for Enterprise Champions, people who can tell it straight about what’s required to turn entrepreneurial ambition into business success.”

To download the new position paper click here.