Understanding Towns

March 27, 2012

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Duncan Maclennan and his team at St Andrews University have been commissioned to produce a new typology of town communities to establish a foundation for this area of work, initially focusing on towns in the Fife area of Scotland.

Towns play critical and different roles from cities and each other in shaping economic, environmental and social outcomes. In recent decades cities and rural areas have been subject to significant research efforts and been the focus of policy initiatives. Towns have been less to the fore, despite their huge potential as drivers of development and importance as population centres.

Duncan’s initial findings will be presented in May, after which the Trust will be considering future policy and practice work that can contribute to towns’ resilience and sustainability. The Trust will be looking closely at how existing work on our Enterprise & Society and People & Place themes can play a role in addressing specific town locality questions.

For more information contact Jim Metcalfe, Practice and Development Manager on 01383 721445 or [email protected].