How we work

At the Carnegie UK Trust, we seek to improve the lives and wellbeing of people throughout the UK. Particularly those who are disadvantaged.

It’s our goal to change minds by influencing public policy and change lives through innovative practice and partnerships.

As an operating Trust, we make effective and active decisions about our work. We invest in evidence-based policy development and translate our findings into real-world activities. This allows us to build up a clear set of messages, and we use these to influence decision makers. By doing this, our recommendations can bring about change and, most importantly, improve people’s wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited grant applications. However, we do seek to build partnerships with other organisations for specific pieces of work.

Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets three Strategic Objectives for our work:

  1. Be a recognised leader in wellbeing and its links to public policy
  2. Be a champion for sharing learning between all jurisdictions of the UK and Ireland
  3. Make working across the public, private and voluntary sector more normal and valued

These objectives are embedded across all of our work and through our strategic category of Enabling Wellbeing.

We have selected three specific work areas in which to pursue our objectives. These are: Digital FuturesFlourishing TownsFulfilling Work

You can read about our projects in each theme by clicking below.


Our Strategic Plan


“The Trustees are committed to a regular review of the work of the organisation and planning its future work. They have chosen a five-year planning cycle. One of the strengths of the Trust is commitment to a thoughtful and proportionate planning process, while retaining the flexibility to respond to particular issues which may arise during the planning period. This flexibility, exercised by a review every five years of what should be the major activities of the Trust, is a salutary manifestation of vitality and of refusal to get ‘fossilised’. (Wolfenden 1976)…”

You can read the entire document by following this link and downloading / viewing our latest Strategic Plan.