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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Carnegie UK’s mission is to improve wellbeing for people in the UK and Ireland. We have worked to do that for over one hundred years, and have sought to tackle inequalities. We know that inequalities – in health, wealth, income and power – are bad for almost everyone and more equal societies have better social outcomes.

Over 2020/21, we looked at where we are now, what defines us and what we can do in the future to make a difference. We committed to collective wellbeing, that is supporting everyone to have what they need now and in the future. That does mean tackling inequalities, but it also means promoting inclusion – reaching out to people who have been structurally discriminated against and who are seldom heard. It also means ‘putting our own house in order’.

We realised that we have not routinely collected data on diversity and inclusion. We may advocate for wellbeing for all, but have not always focussed our work programmes on levelling the playing field, which can mean treating people differently to achieve equity. We can do more to ensure everyone working with us, in whatever capacity, feels they belong, and have a voice.

Realising we need to develop our inclusive practice, in our 2021 Strategy and Organisational Development Plan we have committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. We recognise that promoting diversity will touch on the organisation’s various roles. That includes our mission to improve wellbeing, our status both as an independent endowed foundation operating in the third sector space and an employer. The way in which Carnegie UK acts, has impact and holds power in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion differs across these roles.. We have developed three vision statements to drive our work in relation to each facet: Carnegie UK as an organisation with a mission to improve wellbeing, Carnegie UK as an independent and endowed foundation, and CUK as an employer.

We have begun a diversity, equity and inclusion programme through which we define, implement and monitor the impact of  the actions we need to take to reach this vision. The programme is focussing on internal and external activities. Over the next year or so, we plan to:

Our measures will include indicators in our Organisational Development Plan and reporting in our annual and impact reports.

  • Work with stakeholders and develop new partnerships and connections as part of our learning, strengthening our capacity and capability to be advocates for equity in policy-making and in communities.

We want to use that learning to influence our internal growth and to understand what promotes collective wellbeing.

  • Work with our Learning Partner, Rivers Coaching to increase our knowledge and to start to act on our intentions to become more diverse and to include diverse individuals in internal, and wider policy, decision-making.

The DEI programme team  may be leading this work on behalf of the organisation, but it is a challenging and exciting development that affects the whole organisation. We see this as one of the ways in which we can bring our values to life: challenging ourselves, being collaborative, being kind and making a difference. We want to study, learn and act and would be delighted to hear from you if you have experiences to share or would like to join us on the journey to more diversity and real equality.