The Brief

The question of how to make affordable credit available to people across the UK has long been a highly complex and contested public policy issue.

Our Affordable Credit project is seeking to bring new solutions to this area with a focus on identifying alternative options to the commercial high cost credit market.

We have established an Affordable Credit Action Group to oversee work on the recommendations set out in the Gateway to Affordable Credit report. The Group is chaired by the Very Reverend Dr John Chalmers, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Action Group members are: Allison Barnes, Scotland Manager, Money and Pensions Service; Sharon Bell, Head, StepChange Scotland; Jamie Black, Consumer and Community Affairs Manager, RBS; Maggie Craig, Head of Scotland office, Financial Conduct Authority; Susan Gilroy, Scottish Government; Peter Kelly, Director, Poverty Alliance; Yvonne MacDermid, Chief Executive, Money Advice Scotland; Louise Macdonald, CEO, Young Scot; Professor John McKendrick, Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU), Glasgow Caledonian University; Stephen Pearson, Former Head of External Projects, Virgin Money and Douglas White, Head of Advocacy, Carnegie UK Trust. Rachel Heydecker, Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust, is Secretariat to the Group.

Niall Alexander has joined the Carnegie UK Trust as an Associate to help develop and implement the recommendations in the Gateway to Affordable Credit report. Niall will support the Action Group with technical and evidence-based work designed to overcome some of the cross-cutting, structural issues that inhibit the expansion of affordable credit.

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