The Brief

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust has been undertaking a series of conversations with communities across the UK, exploring the changing relationship between local government, public services and communities. Early evidence from the emergency shows that there have been many examples of community kindness and empowerment, as well as a change in the delivery of public services.

As part of our COVID-19 and Communities listening project, we wanted to find out more about how communities and public services were responding to the crisis, and be in touch with people and places we had worked with before, to capture their responses, and examples of the Enabling State in action.

Our first report as part of this project, Pooling Together, considers the role of Community Hubs in responding to the crisis. We offer four case studies of good practice examples of local government, public services and communities working together.

One of the case studies within this report, North Ayrshire, builds on our partnership with North Ayrshire Council to explore what it could mean to embed kindness across a local authority. We have published a separate case study on kindness which looks at this work in greater detail.

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