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Digital Services Delivery

COVID-19 has increased the demand for a wide range of support services, while at the same time requiring transformational change in the way these services are provided, given the ongoing restrictions around traditional face-to-face contact. For many organisations, this has created a new and unplanned set of obstacles, concerns and considerations, but also potential opportunity.

As we collectively shift through different stages of the crisis,  we want to support organisations to develop their capability and confidence to explore providing services online or test new out new digital techniques where appropriate, to ultimately ensure that individuals receive the services they need to support their wellbeing through and beyond this pandemic.

We have partnered with Your Own Place to produce a short blog and vlog series ‘Our Digital Lockdown Journey’, sharing their insights, thoughts and reflections on their experience of developing online services during the crisis, and encourage others organisations to get in touch with their own learning on this topic. A final report will be published later this year.


Single Digital Presence for Public Library Services

A single digital presence could provide public libraries with the opportunity to revisit the core library mission and thinking about how it can be better delivered, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for service and user alike. The British Library is leading on a period of analytic and strategic development of a single digital presence for public libraries. This work is supported by Arts Council England and the Carnegie UK Trust.

The mid-programme report exploring what a new online platform (or “single digital presence”) for public libraries in the UK could look like, what it could be used for, how such an offer might fit in with existing digital library systems and recommendations for strategic development is available here.


SMARTlife technology in Service Delivery

The Trust is working with Scottish Government, Blackwood Housing and Just Economics to undertake an evaluation of the deployment of the CleverCogs digitally enhanced care system by Blackwood.


Read the summary report of the evaluation, Living Digitally, here.

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