The Brief

The Carnegie Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland which reported in 2015 contributed to the development of the wellbeing outcomes approach in the draft Programme for Government. The Trust is keen to continue our work in Northern Ireland and we believe that working with stakeholders at local government level presents a significant opportunity to support them to bridge the gap between the aspirations for Northern Ireland and the outcomes for local people.

The Trust’s new project will now offer significant financial and in-kind support for up to three Community Planning Partnerships in Northern Ireland to implement a local wellbeing outcomes approach. The project will support the participating Community Planning Partnerships to overcome challenges which they have identified as a priority, and help to align their work with draft Programme for Government outcomes framework.

As part of a three year programme, a peer-to-peer support model will be developed to allow the Community Planning Partnerships to learn from each other and that of international best practice in addressing similar challenges, and to share this with other local authorities in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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