The Brief

The Carnegie UK Trust is supporting the Stove (an artist-led community hub and Development Trust in Dumfries) to share their learning through the EMBERS project.

Embers is a project exploring opportunities for better shared learning and mutual support between organisations in Dumfries and Galloway who are engaged in place making and cultural regeneration.  This project – funded by the South of Scotland Economic Partnership – focuses on defining a joined up vision for culturally-led regeneration across the South of Scotland, and how to strengthen support networks.

The South of Scotland is a region of towns, and at the Carnegie UK Trust we welcome the introduction of an Agency to support these places. The South of Scotland Economic Partnership begins its legislative function as an Agency in April 2020, with a remit to make sure that government spending on economic development supports inclusive growth in the South.

At the Carnegie UK Trust, we believe towns are home to vibrant and innovative communities, and we are working to support towns and regional bodies to develop strategies to improve the wellbeing of their places. Discussions on towns too often focus merely on saving or preserving rather than progressing or rethinking. We believe that community and artist-led regeneration can offer imaginative solutions to the challenges facing our towns.

The Carnegie UK Trust is offering in-kind support to the Stove throughout the Embers project. As part of this partnership we will also publish a case study of the Stove’s approach to town regeneration (which will be featured in the forthcoming Turnaround Towns UK report).

Image credit: Galina Walls

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