The Brief

Our Enabling State programme of research, practice and advocacy seeks to better understand the paradigm shift that is transforming the UK welfare state to an enabling state. We recognise the profound impact that agency, control and relationships have on our wellbeing and we advocate for a more Enabling State which empowers individuals and communities and takes a more facilitative, holistic approach to service delivery.

In 2019 we will:

  • Publish 5 years on ‘report cards’ on progress toward an Enabling State in the four jurisdictions of the UK since 2013.
  • Publish a report examining progress on the shift from a welfare state to an enabling state.

In 2018 we:

  • Continued our support for the Better Way Network, a network of social activists, from the voluntary sector and beyond that shares ideas, knowledge and inspiration about how to improve services and build stronger communities. The network is hosted by Civil Exchange and is also being supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.
  • Continued our partnership with The Wheel, in Ireland to take forward the recommendations in ‘Citizen’s Rising’ the report of The People’s Conversation: a year-long series of ‘citizens conversations’.
  • Continued to work in partnership with the British Academy on the ‘Governing England’ project, a multi-disciplinary project which seeks to address some of the key issues relating to emerging debates about English devolution and governance in the context of a changing Union.
  • Supported Cornerstone to implement and share learning from ‘Local Cornerstone’: a new approach to delivering social care that makes use of small, self-managing teams and technology that gives more power to local staff and focuses users to live a valued life that they choose.
  • Published new cross jurisdictional data on agency.

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