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The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted jobs and livelihoods, but it has also seen labour market interventions and business innovations that were previously unimaginable, and given rise to calls to build back a better labour market.

The Carnegie UK Trust has undertaken new research to understand the job quality impacts of the crisis, how we can ensure the best possible jobs recovery and sustain the ambition of good work for all. We interviewed labour market experts including academics, business and trade union representatives and leading think tanks, and undertook analysis of the impacts of the crisis on different groups of workers.

Our report Good Work for Wellbeing in the Coronavirus Economy examines the impact of the crisis on job quality across the UK. It puts forward over 30 recommendations for how actors in the UK labour market can seek to balance the twin goals of sustaining employment and improving job quality, to ensure work improves wellbeing for many more people.

Read the full UK report or the report summary.

What Next for Fair Work in Scotland looks at these issues in the context of Scotland, where there is a strong pre-existing commitment to the achievement of ‘Fair Work’ – defined as that which offers opportunity, security, fulfilment, respect and effective voice. We examine progress to date of Scotland’s Fair Work agenda, and make recommendations for how it can continue to be advanced in a way that is responsive to the significant challenges and opportunities for change presented by the pandemic.

Read the Scotland report.

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