The Brief

The Living Wage provides one mechanism through which some workers can improve their experience of work through an acceptable, increased minimum level of pay. In the UK as a whole, there are over 5000 accredited employers.

‘Making Living Wage Places’ is an innovative scheme supported by the Trust, led by the Living Wage Foundation and the Poverty Alliance in Scotland, to establish and pilot a series of Living Wage regions, cities, towns, zones and buildings across the UK, through harnessing the power of local employers, institutions, communities, consumers and campaigners to help grow the Living Wage movement and lift more people out of low pay.

Living Wage Places: A toolkit on tackling low pay by celebrating local action provides valuable, practical insights for places of all size across the UK to begin their own Living Wage Place journey. The Toolkit includes a range of case studies, advice and step-by-step guidance.

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