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Young people are not digital natives. Those who are vulnerable, particularly those at points of transition in their life (unemployed, homeless, in care, in secure accommodation, excluded from mainstream education, seeking asylum) are most at risk of slipping through the net and falling outside the digital mainstream.

#NotWithoutMe was launched in late 2015 to identify a number of new projects, each testing innovative engagement techniques, designed to improve digital inclusion and increase digital skills among vulnerable young people.

During 2016-17, Carnegie UK supported four projects, delivered by Mencap in Northern Ireland, Signal Film and Media, The Pavilion, Young Scot and The Prince’s Trust. Local projects in Glasgow, Cumbria, Belfast and London saw 100 vulnerable young people get involved to improve their skills.

A digital world for all? is the summary report from the first phase of the #NotWithoutMe programme. It includes detailed case studies, findings and recommendations.

As part of this work, the Carnegie UK Trust hosted #NotWithoutMe @ the BBC on 15th March 2017, to bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers and creative individuals to focus on the theme of digital inclusion for vulnerable young people. The raw data outputs are hosted on our #NotWithoutMe Padlet, you can also view a summary of the event on Storify or join in the conversation at #NotWithoutMe.




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