The Brief

Young people are not digital natives. Those who are vulnerable, particularly those at points of transition in their life (unemployed, homeless, in care, in secure accommodation, excluded from mainstream education, seeking asylum) are most at risk of slipping through the net and falling outside the digital mainstream.

The #NotWithoutMe programme has been established to challenge digital exclusion for vulnerable young people and advocate for further digital support for young people across the UK and Ireland. The programme is made up of several supporting strands of work:

  • The #NotWithoutMe Accelerator: was an innovative development programme which offered a six-month programme of training, support and £3,000 development funding to six UK organisations. Your Own Place were successful in receiving funding from the #NotWithoutMe Accelerator to deliver their digital inclusion initiative. Read more about the programme in our blog series:
  • Glasgow Digital Resilience Group participation: the Carnegie UK Trust is a member of Glasgow City Council’s ‘Digital Resilience Group’ which is currently focused on digital technology and skills provision for Care Experienced young people across the Glasgow area.
  • Digital Research: building on the first #NotWithoutMe report ‘A digital world for all?’, we will continue to seek opportunities to produce useful and robust research on digital exclusion for vulnerable young people.
  • Networking and Communications: the programme aims to support the community of practitioners working in relevant areas of policy, practice and academia through events and networking opportunities.

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