The Brief

New workplace technologies are being increasingly used to enhance productivity, speed up processes, reduce costs, and conduct socially distanced business in the COVID-19 era. There has been considerable debate about the potential for workplace technologies to displace human labour. However, the impact that technology is having on how people do their jobs today, in different sectors, in different roles and across different aspects of ‘good work’ is less examined. How is technology impacting on issues such as mental health at work, use of skills, opportunity for progression, sense of purpose, peer and line manager relationships, employee voice and work-life balance? Who makes choices about how technology is deployed in workplaces? How are these decisions reached and how is worker wellbeing considered as part of this process?

Our collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Institute for the Future of Work (IFOW) will develop new employer-focused guidance. This guidance, developed with input from business leaders and experts, will outline practical steps employers can take at each step of the technology introduction process to do so in a way that protects and promotes job quality.

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