The Brief

Understanding Welsh Places is a website that presents data about more than 300 towns and communities in Wales.

While other data websites present information on a local authority level, Understanding Welsh Places allows people to analyse statistics of every place in Wales with more than 2,000 residents.

As well as exploring data about individual places, people can compare their town with other places, and find out about their town’s relationship with nearby communities and others across Wales. It also allows people to upload their own information about their town, such as plans or places audits, to the website.

The aim is to encourage people to learn about their town, share ideas and build relationships with other places in Wales. By presenting relevant data through a simple, adaptable interface, Understanding Welsh Places will give people the tools to foster more resilient communities and improve wellbeing in Welsh towns.

Carnegie UK Trust, in partnership with the Welsh Government, commissioned the Institute of Welsh Affairs to manage the delivery of the website in 2018, overseen by a consortium of advisers. The build of the website was led by WISERD at Cardiff University, with additional data analysis by CLES .

Understanding Welsh Places follows the success of Understanding Scottish Places, which launched in 2015, and our 2017 publication ‘Supporting Local Places and Local People: Opportunities and Challenges for Welsh Towns’.




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