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The Practice of Kindness: Learning from KIN and North Ayrshire

In March 2018, the Carnegie UK Trust brought together a Kindness Innovation Network of people and professionals from across Scotland who had an interest in encouraging kindness in their organisations and communities. At the same time, the Trust began working in partnership with North Ayrshire Council to embed kindness as a value throughout the local authority and region.


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Support for Community Planning Partnerships’ Statements of Progress: Examples of visual communication of data

Quantifying kindness – Country factsheet (Northern Ireland)

Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2018

Invitation to Tender: Evaluation of Engaging Libraries Phase 2


Collaboration tool

What are the next steps for the National Performance Framework?

Talk of the Town Application Questions

Talk of the Town Project Brief


Response to Regional Imbalances in the UK Economy Inquiry

Creating the Opportunities for Towns to Flourish

Response to Competition and Markets Authority Call For Evidence on Digital Mergers

Response to Committee on Standards in Public Life Review of Artificial Intelligence and Public Standards

Response to The Online Harms White Paper

Response to ICO consultation on Age Appropriate Design: a code of practice for online services

Response to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Consultation on the Concept Note for a General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment

Response To Irish Government Consultation on The Regulation of Harmful Content on Online Platforms and The Implementation of the Revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Response to Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry on Democracy, Free Speech and Freedom of Association

Consultation on the Draft Equality Scheme, Draft Audit of Inequalities and Equality Action Plan, and Draft Disability Action Plan (2016-2021)

Response to Financial Conduct Authority consultation (FCA CP18/42): Overdrafts consultation paper and policy statement

Submission to Joint Human Rights Committee Inquiry

Submission to UN High-Level Panel on Digital Co-operation

Improving adult basic digital skills

Submission to DCMS Select Committee Immersive and Addictive Technologies Inquiry

Response to the Financial Conduct Authority consultation (FCA CP18/35): Rent to own and alternatives to high cost credit

Response to 2021 Census – Outputs Strategy Consultation

Call for evidence: Age Appropriate Design Code

Submission to Science and Technology Committee Inquiry

Response to the DCMS Select Committee Interim Report

Draft Planning Policy Wales: Edition 10

Review of the Community and Town Council Sector

Local Government and Communities Committee Debate: Consultation on the draft National Outcomes

House of Lords Communications Committee Inquiry Response

Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper Consultation Response

Consultation on a refreshed Code of Practice for Statistics 2017

Response to Future Jersey 2017-2037

Scottish Government Consultation on Social Security in Scotland

Response to call for evidence on financial exclusion and access to mainstream financial services

Response to financial conduct authority call for input: high cost credit including review of the high-cost short-term credit price cap

Programme for Government in Northern Ireland

Realising Scotland’s Full Potential in a Digital World

Carnegie UK Trust response on priorities for the Welsh Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee

Carnegie UK Trust response on priorities for the Welsh Economy Infrastructure and Skills Committee

Carnegie UK Trust response to UK Parliament Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into employment opportunities and support for young people

CUKT response letter ONS SDG consultation

Briefing from Carnegie UK Trust S4M 15408 Graeme Dey The Importance of Local Newspapers

CUKT Response Letter PPIW National Indicators

Do rural and urban Scotland need each other?

Stage 3 Proceedings of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

Response to Making Fife’s Places

Briefing for the Scottish Government Debate on Scotland Can Do

Response to Ofcom media plurality consultation

Response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on aligning the apprenticeship model

Heenan-Anderson Commission response

Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

Becoming a good food nation

Response to Assisting Young People into Work

Submission to Smith Commission

Response to UK Parliamentary Litter Inquiry

Devolution Democracy and Delivery White Paper Reforming Local Government

Response to Enterprise For All

Carnegie UK Trust response to the Communities and Local Government Inquiry into Community Rights

Carnegie UK Trust response to Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Bill

Carnegie UK Trust response to Building A United Community Inquiry

Response to Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy

Carnegie UK Trust response to Local Government and Regeneration Committee call for evidence

Briefing from Carnegie UK Trust Members’ Business Debate S4M-08987: Fairness for Local Television in Scotland

Briefing Response Developing Skills for Scotland’s Digital Economy

Local Government and Regeneration Committee – Inquiry into the Flexibility and Autonomy of Local Government

Evidence to the Independent Panel on public libraries in England

Response to Department of Culture, Media and Sport on public lending right and elending

Response to the consultation on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee consultation on public libraries in Wales

Response to Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy

Parliamentary Briefing on Motion SM4-07111 John Wilson: Welcoming Oxfam’s Our Economy Report

Response to the Department for Social Development (DSDNI) Community Asset Transfer in Northern Ireland Consultation

CUKT response to Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Call for Evidence on Scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2014-15

Carnegie UK Trust response to Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee’s Call for Evidence on the Draft Budget 2014-15

Response to the Scottish Government Consultation on the Scotland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

Response to the Youth Select Committee Life Skills Inquiry

Response to OSCR Draft Guidance on Independence and Charities

Regulatory Reform Bill – Carnegie UK Trust Evidence

Briefing on Scottish Government Debate: Young People, Supporting Scotland’s Economy Today and Tomorrow

Response to Enterprise and Business Committee inquiry into Youth Entrepreneurship

Requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations, 2013 – consultation on draft regulations

Response to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee

Welsh Government Consultation on a Fly-Tipping Free Wales

Consultation Response – A Public Health Bill for Wales

Submission to Editors Code Committee Consultation on the Code of Practice

Response to Department of the Environment Consultation on Revising the Northern Ireland Waste Management Strategy

Response to the Finance Committee Call for Evidence on the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Scotland) Bill

Response to the Vibrant and Viable Places New Regeneration Framework Consultation

Response to the Land Reform Review Group Call for Evidence

Response to the Department of Communities and Local Government discussion paper on: Making it easier to set up new town and parish councils

Response to the Leveson Inquiry Report: Better regulation for better journalism

Submission for Members Business Debate – A Scottish Media Panel

Response to the DARD Draft Strategic Plan 2012 – 2020

Response to the Consultation on Options for the Future of the Community Facilities and Activities Programme

Response to the Urban Regeneration and Community Development Policy Framework Consultation

Submission to House of Lords debate: The relationship between media standards and media regulation

Scottish Government Town Centre Review – Contributions by Carnegie UK Trust

Consultation on the use of the State of the Environment Indicators

Scottish Government Consultation – Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill

Briefing for the Scottish Parliament – Local Environment (Motion S4M-03683)

Briefing for the Scottish Parliament – Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill (Motion S4M-04061)

Briefing for Scottish Parliament – Debate on Humankind Index (Motion S4M-02703)

Leveson Submission: A New Regulatory System

Response to Communities Equality and Local Government Committee Task and Finish Group Media Inquiry

Response to DCMS Consultation on a Local Media Action Plan

Supported Publications

Digital Resilience, Inclusion & Wellbeing For Looked After Children & Young People

Public policy and the infrastructure of kindness in Scotland

Living Wage Places: A toolkit on tackling low pay by celebrating local action

Scoping study towards a blueprint for public library development and sustainability in England