Beyond Boundaries Lifeline Towns and Rural Exclusion

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Author: Jenny Brotchie and Dr Jane Atterton

Year: 2014

How Small Towns Support Rural Populations


In remote rural areas small towns may perform a critical ‘lifeline’ function for people on low incomes or without access to personal transport. Research has highlighted, however, that many of these small towns face particular vulnerabilities. Is there a need to think beyond the boundaries of the town centre to the role that towns play in relation to their rural hinterlands when considering the future of small towns, and, if so, how this can most effectively be done? This paper summarises themes raised at a half day workshop at the Crichton University Campus in Dumfries on Monday 9th December 2013. The workshop was jointly organised by Carnegie UK Trust and the SRUC Rural Policy Centre with support from the Crichton Institute.

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