Year: 2020

The Carnegie UK Trust has released a new Invitation to Tender for Developing and Sustaining Networks: Review of Good Practice. This project seeks to build our internal knowledge around the importance and effectiveness of networks as a way of working to support both policy and practice change. This will consolidate our knowledge on when and how to use networks but also specifically, to explore the power of networks in influencing change. During the current strategic plan period we have used ‘networks’ to connect people and foster learning between different jurisdictions, sectors and backgrounds across various projects, including: InterAction, Libraries, #NotWithoutMe, the Enabling State and Kindness. During the COVID-19 emergency networks appear to have flourished, albeit online. For example, the Better Way has amassed a large body of knowledge of the social response to the emergency through its network. There are many reasons for using networks, and we are interested in understanding the benefits and approaches that work for different aims and objectives.

Recent Publications