Dr Siobhan Daly with Professor Jude Howell
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0 900 259 56 8

This report examines the role of civil society in tackling growing concerns about the democratic deficit. Issues covered include; the legitimacy and accountability of civil society; what we might learn from the growth of newer forms civil society action, such as the anti globalisation and environmental movements; the role of the media in portraying civil society; and the possible significance of the decline of formal associational activity such as trade unions. The report presents some good news,and there is much to be hopeful about the health and strength of civil society in the UK and Ireland today. In commissioning the London School of Economics to produce this paper, we provided a broad remit for the mapping; civil society in this context being understood as the space between government and for-profit business. This encompasses the voluntary and community sectors, trade unions, faith groups, co-operatives and mutuals, political parties and philanthropic foundations.

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