Year: 2021

In our Strategy for Change 2021-26 Learning how to live well together, we committed to increasing our understanding of diversity, becoming a more diverse organisation and promoting the inclusion of diverse individuals in decision-making in Carnegie UK, and in policy-making in the UK and Ireland.

We recognise that the way in which Carnegie UK acts and has impact and power in relation to increasing the inclusion of diverse individuals varies across the three roles the organisation plays:

1) As an organisation with a mission to improve wellbeing

2) As an independent endowed trust

3) As an employer.

We want to be better at supporting diverse people, striving for equity and inclusion in all these facets of Carnegie UK and to set a clear ambition and direction of travel for each.

Carnegie UK is looking for a Strategic Learning Partner who will assist us realise these ambitions to increase our knowledge about DEI, and act on this knowledge.

For more details, please download the attached Invitation to Tender here.  Proposals should be submitted by Monday October, 25 at 12pm

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