Katie Pekacar with Dr Jenny Peachey
Year: 2020
ISBN: 978-1-912908-46-2

This background report is part of the Making a Difference series of reports into public library services’ role during lockdown and their potential beyond this time. It summarises the findings of interviews with 22 Heads of Service aross the UK who were asked:
  • What are the current and anticipated impacts of Covid-19 on the library sector?
  • How have public library services contributed to individual and community wellbeing during the crisis?
  • What aspects of ‘normal’ library services have been impossible or challenging to translate successfully into the digital sphere in the current context?
  • What were the success factors and inhibitors in continuing to contribute to individual/ community wellbeing during the crisis?
  • What role could library services play in rebuild/refresh efforts in communities?
  • What would public library services need to enable them to do this?
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