Making a Difference: Libraries, Lockdown and Looking Ahead – Public Poll Background Report

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Author: Dr Jenny Peachey

Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-912918-47-9

This background report is part of the Making a Difference series of reports into public library services’ role supporting individuals and communities during lockdown and their potential beyond this time. It summarises the findings of a UK public poll with 2,196 UK adults aged 18+ that was conducted between 31st July and 2nd August 2020. Research was carried out by Savanta ComRes on behalf of the Carnegie UK Trust. The poll covered:

  • Use of the public library service pre-lockdown and during lockdown.
  • The level and type of interaction with the public library service during lockdown.
  • The impact of engaging with the public library service during lockdown.
  • Views on reopening and restarting services.

All findings are broken down by demographic group.

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