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Year: 2015
ISBN: 9.78E+12

Ambition And Opportunity

  In 2014, the Scottish Library and Information Council convened the National Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland Strategic Group. The Strategic Group was tasked with developing Scotland’s first national strategy for public libraries in Scotland. The Strategy has been informed by a process of engagement including independent deliberative research, a questionnaire to gather views, presentations and a series of visits to public libraries.
The national strategy sets out the following  vision, mission and outcome for public libraries across Scotland:
  • Vision: Scotland’s public libraries are trusted guides connecting all of our people to the world’s possibilities and opportunities.
  • Mission: Scotland’s public libraries are part of a shared civic ambition to fulfil the potential of individuals and communities.
  • Outcome: Every step individuals and communities take towards fulfilling their potential adds to Scotland’s social, economic and cultural wellbeing.
The strategy sets out six strategic aims and eighteen recommendations to deliver these aims. Each aim is clearly linked to national outcomes and indicators outlined in the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework. The aims are:
1. Promote reading literacy and learning
2. Promote digital inclusion
3. Promote economic wellbeing
4. Promote social wellbeing
5. Promote culture and creativity
6. Libraries as excellent public services
Please click on the image to download the report (PDF).
The background reports that informed the strategy and more information on the Strategic Group can be accessed here

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