Hannah Paylor, Charlotte Ravenscroft, Rachel Heydecker, Katherine Rake and Joe Ferns.
Year: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-912908-84-4

In 2021, in preparation for the launch of Carnegie UK’s new strategy, we committed to improving our practice in making change happen. The first step on this journey was to learn more about our impact. Preserve, Grow, Compost shares our reflections from the process of creating our new impact learning framework, working with Lucent Consultancy and our whole staff team.

While the detail shared in the report is specific to Carnegie UK as a wellbeing organisation working across the UK and Ireland, we hope the insights gathered could be useful to those interested in social change; who are similarly trying to influence policy; or are curious about evaluation tools and methods.

We plan to continuously reflect on our practice and would welcome a conversation with anyone similarly grappling with these challenges within their own organisation.

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