Scottish Government Town Centre Review – Contributions by Carnegie UK Trust

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Author: Jim Metcalfe

Year: 2012

In September 2012, the Carnegie UK Trust was pleased to participate in the opening symposium for the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Review process. Held in Kilmarnock, the symposium drew together leaders from a range of commercial, governmental and civil society backgrounds to consider the challenges facing Scottish town communities.

Chaired by leading Scottish architect Malcolm Fraser and reporting to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the Review promises a radically honest and open examination of the causes of town centre decline and a commitment to an innovative programme of work to reverse the trend.

Carnegie UK has a long heritage of policy research and practical investment in community resilience, socioeconomic wellbeing, the social value of enterprise and innovation, and the importance of town centres to the fabric of life across the UK. The Trust was pleased to contribute some ideas, drawn from its own research and project work, to help with the building of a substantive reform agenda for Scotland’s towns.

This 2-page report details those ideas.  Click on the image above to open the PDF.