Dr Deborah Harrison and Philip Edwards
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781912908233

Building an inclusive economy with increased opportunities for good work is an important strategic priority for the North East. Public sector organisations in the region and across the UK are increasingly asking how they can use their powers of procurement to drive ‘better work.’ There are opportunities to link the awarding of contracts to suppliers who demonstrate good work practice - like paying the living wage, offering fair contracts, and providing opportunities for training. However, public bodies also face a range of strategic, practical and legal considerations if the potential of using procurement in this way is to be realised. This guide is designed to support the development and implementation of ‘good work procurement’ strategies by public bodies. Based on regional development work and learning from other parts of the UK, it is primarily aimed at public sector decision makers as well as strategic and operational leaders. You can also read our UK-focussed Guide to Supporting Good Work Procurement here

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