Carnegie UK Trust
Year: 2013

As economic, demographic and environmental challenges mount, governments are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality public services with shrinking resources.  The Carnegie UK Trust is arguing that in these challenging times it is more pressing than ever for governments to forge a new relationship with individuals and communities. The Trust believes that current models of public services fail to adequately tap into the abilities that individuals and communities have to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. This new collection of case studies from across the UK and Ireland showcases examples of public service approaches that give citizens and communities more opportunity to shape the services that they receive and to contribute to societal wellbeing. To download the report please click on the image. You can keep up to date with our Enabling State project led by Carnegie Fellow Sir John Elvidge here. For more information on this report and the Enabling State project please get in touch with Jenny Brotchie, Policy Officer [email protected]

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