Time for a Change

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Author: Caroline Slocock and Steve Wyler

Year: 2021

Time for a Change is a rallying call for a Better Way. It builds on the experience and insight of several hundred people who have contributed their thinking in large and small gatherings over the course of 2020. Through this collective knowledge, we know that we simply cannot go on as we are. But if we change the way we work, together we can build a fairer society in which everyone can enjoy a good life.

Working together to identify how we can deliver the change we want to see, it has become clear that it is not only what we do, but also how. Four things have shone through, which have been brought together to build a model for a Better Way:
·      Putting relationships first
·      Sharing and building power
·      Listening to each other
·      Joining forces

This rallying call is aimed at anyone who finds inspiration in these four principles. But if you would like to be a part of the network, find out more about how to join A Better Way.

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