Wellbeing Economy Data Guide for Towns

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Author: Centre for Thriving Places

Year: 2021

This report by Centre for Thriving Places (supported by Carnegie UK Trust and Power to Change)  is an companion piece to Building a Wellbeing Economy Framework for Towns (hyperlink) – focusing on practical steps to fill the data gap on wellbeing at a towns level..  Much of the data needed to measure the key outcomes of a wellbeing economy are only available at a Local Authority level. This can leave towns unable to measure, understand and improve wellbeing in a targeted local way. To overcome this challenge, this guidance supports:

  1. Larger Towns to use the TPI data and framework in ways that work best for them (England only)
  2. Small and Medium sized Towns to gather sufficient data from accessible sources to give a strong picture of the conditions for wellbeing at their geography and scale
  3. Advice and guidance for all UK towns on what to measure and how to gather data to help them understand where they are and what they need to help people and planet to thrive

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