Chair of Trustees

Our current Chair, Sir John Elvidge, steps down in 2022 and we are looking for someone to lead the Board to help take forward our new strategy, informing and influencing how government and society protects and nurtures our collective wellbeing. Over the coming years we intend to:

Tackle issues that threaten aspects of wellbeing – focussing our efforts on things that get in the way of wellbeing, where we have something distinctive to contribute.
Put wellbeing at the heart of decision-making – growing support for a wellbeing approach to public policy.

All the time, we are also purposefully learning about wellbeing itself, and about how change comes about. Unlike many charitable foundations, we undertake most of our work in-house or in close collaboration with partners. We primarily aim to inspire, inform, and influence action on wellbeing through our direct work, rather than through grants programmes.

Find out more about the role and apply here.