What we do

Carnegie UK runs a rolling portfolio of research, policy, practice and advocacy programmes to advance our strategic aims of putting wellbeing at the heart of decision making and tackling issues that threaten aspects of wellbeing.

Wellbeing is a multi-layered and multi-dimensional concept. To help guide our choices about where Carnegie UK can make the most effective contribution to improving wellbeing, we will ask a series of ‘challenge questions’ of any ongoing and potential programmes of work:

  • What wellbeing improvements could this deliver, across the Social Economic Environmental and Democratic (SEED) framework and in relation to our wellbeing tests?
  • What contribution could this make to the existing evidence base on wellbeing?
  • What is the specific contribution we could make that would add value to the work of others?
  • How could this work help to build the capabilities and assets of those who we work with?
  • How would different groups in the population be represented in this work?
  • How would the work be designed in a way that recognises and enables a range of different perspectives and approaches?
  • What opportunity could this work offer for sharing learning across the different jurisdictions that we cover?
  • How would this work sit within our wider portfolio of activities?
  • Do we have a clear understanding of the risks and rewards?
  • Can we commit sufficient financial and human resources to help deliver the desired outcome?

To find out more about the first set of wellbeing programmes that we will be supporting under our strategy, please click on the boxes below.

As we transition into work associated with our new strategy we will continue to support a number of existing projects from our previous areas of thematic focus, to ensure these are brought to a successful conclusion by the end of 2021. For more information on these activities, please contact our team.